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All-Inclusive Pricing

Homestead’s price guarantee includes everything from permits to appliances. Plus, no matter what hurdles your project encounters, your price never changes.

Turnkey Solution

From initial consultation to finishing touches, we handle the entire process. Sit back and in just a few months, we’ll hand you the keys.

End-to-End Expertise

From our world-class architects who handle design & permitting to our experienced contractors who handle construction, our industry leading team provides a seamless solution for all aspects of building your ADU.


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Our ADU experts will assess your property, analyze its ADU potential, and answer all of your most pressing questions.
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All-inclusive Offer

After the consultation, our team reviews images of your space and discusses the particulars of your ADU project in order to send you a personalized free estimate including financing options.

Hassle-Free Permitting

Your dedicated project manager works with multiple municipal departments, structural engineers, and our award-winning architects to get your project permitted — so you don’t have to.

Tailored Build-Out

Construction can take as little as eight weeks! Your project manager oversees our licensed contractors during all phases of construction and keeps you updated every step of the way.

Take The Keys

Congratulations! By the time we hand over the keys, you will have already exceeded your investment, increasing your home value by an estimated $150,000+.

Homestead is helping homeowners across the Los Angeles area

Homestead is helping homeowners across the Los Angeles area

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