Garage conversion  made easy.

$0 Out-of-pocket.

Add $158,000 to your home value instantly.

Make up to $17,000 a year.

Homestead garage conversion brings the ADU to you.

Take the guesswork out of financing, design, and construction.


Zero-Down Financing

Homestead’s ADU rental financing option helps homeowners generate extra income without spending a penny upfront. The financing covers everything from permits to appliances.


Most rental ADU's earn more than double the price of their monthly financing payment. Plus, with this custom financing, don’t make payments until the unit is ready to rent.

Rental Boosting Perks

Homestead’s award-winning architects customize each rental ADU to maximize return on investment. Research shows that amenities drive rent prices, not square footage.


Homestead rental units draw the highest possible rental market rates thanks to cutting-edge design, thoughtful finishes, and long-lasting appliances, putting more money in the pocket of the homeowner.


Optional Property Management

Managing a rental unit can be daunting. Homestead’s rental management service screens qualified tenants, conducts maintenance, collects rent, and manages tenants so homeowners don’t have to.


Homestead even pays financing payments when the unit is vacant.

How It Works

Free Virtual Consultation

Request a consultation and get technical property analysis with a Homestead garage conversion expert, free of charge.

Homestead Presents an Offer

Review a preliminary blueprint, learn about financing, understand the value of your Homestead ADU, and imagine the future of our garage.

Week 1-6
Design & City Approvals:

Homestead’s award-winning architects finalize blueprints and work with city officials to get permits & approvals for your new ADU.

Week 6-14

Homestead’s licensed contractors get to work constructing the unit— the construction process can take as few as six to eight weeks. 


The completed ADU unit is yours to do with as you wish!

Looking for passive income? Homestead also offers rental management services.

Forever After

Congratulations! The new ADU has increased your home value by an estimated $158,000. 

Homestead is helping homeowners across the Los Angeles area.