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Celebrated for promoting sustainable urban density and generating income for long-time homeowners, ADUs are quickly becoming a cornerstone of new housing stock across the state. While the benefits of ADU construction vastly outweigh the costs, converting a garage into a living space can be a difficult process. Homestead was created to take on the burden of building an ADU—from financing, through design, construction and management—giving homeowners a clear path to financial stability and empowering them to help California's housing crisis. Homestead’s mission is to help Los Angeles homeowners to build beautiful, affordable ADUs with the simplest possible process.






Homestead's founders met at MIT’s graduate School of Architecture and City Planning. Before founding Homestead, they worked for years in high-end residential design at some of the best architecture firms around the world. Together they've worked on affordable housing projects, developed new building technology for NASA, & did work for the Center For Advanced Urbanism, at the MIT Media Lab. 


The Homestead Way

Empowering homeowners to make the most out of their property

Putting rental income in the hands of homeowners, not developers

Adding housing without displacing communities

Creating more sustainable cities through responsible development

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